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Voice Acting
Film/Audio and Post Production
 MyMyx Provides full-service post-production
We can help you during any aspect of your film or radio project. From beginning to end we can help you at all phases of your project Pre- and Post Production. We take great pride in delivering quality Media Products, We service Both Radio and Televison as well as online ads. Our in house post-production specialists produce videos and voice talent as that is not only unique but effective.

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Audio Engineering

Sound Presentation For A Sound Business


McMyx Studios is a full service audio post-production facility for TV, radio & film, located in the heart of Southern California Some of our services are:
- VO Recording (multi-lingual)
- Sound Design & foley
- ISDN connection (US & worldwide)
- Stereo or 5.1 surround mix
- Original Music Scoring
- Music Branding, jingles and audio logos
- Stock music
- Radio commercial production
- ADR for TV and Film
- Voice Castings in english,
- Film Production
- Noise filtering and production audio clean up - 

McMyX Studios | Your One Stop Production Team

From Audio Recording and Voice Talent to Full Scale Production.

Voice Over and Film Production Experts

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Pre Production

For the past few decades our McMyx Studios have over seen the pre production of many tv and film ads. Our pre production techniques are quite efficient. McMyx Studiosis proud to be you pre production partner. We can help you at put your vision together. Once you have your idea clearly construction Our proven Staff with finalize all you need to have a successful production. We have amazing voice talent that is always fir for the part. Our design studio is a wonderful environment to create things like 

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Scoring
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction
  • Video Finishing

We work closely during this initial planing phase and make sure that our design department understand the idea of what we are a looking for so that once we go from filming pre to post prediction they will be able to bring your creation to life in a short amount of time. They also work closely with our design department on motion graphics and VFX elements and with our composers and sound designers for audio elements to ensure a unified creative vision across all aspects of the job.







Post Production

Once you have wrapped filming of your project or need that special voice over that is when post production steps in. Our staff does everything from picture editing to sound editing on many different types of projects daily. We also strive to be in contact with you as early in the project as possible. Anything you mostly did right in the pre production phase will translate over into smoother sailing once it hits post production. Our team will organize your footage into a way that clearly explains you message. We will review the sound on your production through our recording software. We ensure that voice in your voice over is clear and con-concise. Any unwanted sounds or audio defects will be removed. Our dialogue editors will listen through the voice overs and make sure that any overlapped sounds that occurred during filming are set correctly. They’ll also make note of lines that need re-recording and procure those recordings.


Sound is traditionally divided into three elements: dialog, music, and effects (any auditory information that isn't speech or music). Although much of the dialog can be recorded during principal photography, it needs fine tuning later. And almost all other sound is added during postproduction. Our philosophy towards recording and mixing music is to capture the essence of the song or artist while maintaining a high level of sonic integrity. We’re dedicated to providing professional, detail-oriented, quality service. We make sure that your audio solution for your next project that the dialogue is clear and intelligible once we feel confident that your production is ready for review our staff will again take time to review it with you



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