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Voice Testimonial



Thanks Again!!!"

--Pharns Genece, Producer, Can’t Fix Crazy Productions

Voice Over Testimonial #2


“Awesome work! He definitely went extra mile to give me what I need and he nailed it! Couldn't ask for more.”

“Great work as expected. Highly recommended!”

--Adam O. Omaha NE

Voice Acting Testimonial


"Great job James. Truly wonderful. I really appreciate your gift. Sounds are awesome and more than Icould have ever imagined… a fantastic production. Look forward to doing more work with you… Thanks again and God bless."

--Jay Arrington,  Christian Songwriter, PassaicNJ

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The McMyx Studio DIfference

Our customers cant stop singing our praises. We have worked with projects of all types and sizes. Our staff is equipped to handle even the most difficult of post production problems. Read more of our testimonials below and feel your confidence start to grow.

Narrator Testimonial


“Jim is a master craftsman and gifted narrator, character voice and a true pro in every sense of the word and an incredibly nice guy.”

--Vince M.

The Playforge 

San FranciscoCA

Voice Over Testimonial


"I've had Jim voice many of my scripts now, and time and time again he keeps me and my clients happy. His lively voice and the speed with which he works is perfect.

  --Enrique B.

Goldengrove Videos.

Newport Beach, CA


McMyx Studios
And Audio Engineering

Voice Over Talent

Our unique blend of voice over talent is truly one of a kind. We provide voices that inspire integrity. We will find what voice works for your best demographic. The right voice with the proper inflections can make all the difference.

Audio Engineering

Our staff of audio engineers will make sure that your recording's sound is well cropped and sounds clear and ready for agency use.We can convert the files into what ever format you need to get it to the masses.

Film Crew

If you need a full service production staff on short notice we can meet your needs. We have a large amount of in house staff who are ready to meet your needs. We can bring your film vision to life.

Media Productions / Web Ads

We can help shape your business with a wonderful ad for their online advertising. We can create a video that can be used in Pay Per Click advertising as well as other forms of online media. Our ads are cutting edge and always illustrate a colorful design while bringing your vision to life.

Dukes Review
-Jon St. John, Voice of “Duke Nukem

Dukes Review

."A relaxing, mature, and warm voice… read with a slightly subdued, laid back style which worked for your clear, mid-range voice. You were able to effectively engage the listener."

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Voice Over Testimonial
Tricia S., Producer R4L

Voice Over Testimonial

"Great Work!!! An Awesome job James!"

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